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General information

This site is designed to provide general information about the bcIMC.

Because bcIMC is an institutional investor, much of the information on this site relates to the performance of Canadian and international stock markets, fixed income investments, short-term money markets and other securities. While we try to post accurate information, we cannot guarantee that the information on this site is accurate, complete or current. You should not rely on the information on this site without verifying its accuracy through other sources. bcIMC does not provide financial planning or other investment-related services to consumers or other private investors. The content of this site is provided for informational purposes only. It is not provided as investment, tax, banking, accounting, legal or other professional, investment or financial advice. And it is not meant to be used as research into financial or investment planning decisions. If you are looking for these types of services or research you should seek the advice of a qualified professional or visit a Web site that offers these services and research.

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The British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act applies to bcIMC. Accordingly, any personal information collected will only be used by authorized staff of bcIMC in order to fulfil the purpose for which the information was collected or for a use consistent with that purpose. Personal information is not disclosed to other public bodies or individuals by bcIMC except as may be authorized by law.

When you visit this Web site, the bcIMC Web server automatically collects a limited amount of information essential for the operation and security of this site. Some of this information (e.g. browser type) does not identify who you are, while other information, such as your Internet domain name or IP address may identify you. The extent of personal identification depends, in large part, on the "naming standards" followed by your Internet Service Provider.



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