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  • bcIMC provides its clients with comprehensive funds management services. This includes:

    • Portfolio services (asset mix management, portfolio and risk management, securities trading, monitoring and managing external fund managers, credit and market analysis);

    • Consulting (asset/liability studies, performance measurement reports, economic and capital market analysis, attribution analysis, investment and policy advice); and,

    • Investment operation services (custodial services, policy compliance, security settlement, trade administration, security lending, accounting, and corporate governance).

  • Prudent management of risks resulting from customized asset/liability strategies, extensive portfolio diversification, and a strong commitment to due diligence.

  • Value added returns resulting from disciplined asset management, market foresight, and use of internal and external professional investment managers.

  • Low fees resulting from the corporation's large asset base, economies of scale, pooled investment portfolios, and cost-based recovery system.

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