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Responsible investing is an integral part of the investment beliefs shared by bcIMC, the pension funds and many of the other clients for which we invest. We believe that companies that do a good job of managing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters have less risk and perform better financially over the longer term.

Corporate Governance
Promoting strong corporate governance practices in our portfolio companies is an integral part of bcIMC’s investment activities. We believe that well-governed companies will outperform other companies over the long-term and can attract investors whose support can help to finance further growth. On the other hand, poor corporate governance policies weaken a company’s potential and at worst, can pave the way for financial difficulties and even fraud. We expect and encourage our portfolio companies to apply best practices for corporate governance.

Environmental and Social Responsibility
bcIMC believes that if companies are aware of and responsive to the environmental and social impacts of their operations, they can reduce the risk to long-term profitability. Poor environmental and social policies can negatively influence its long-term financial performance. At a minimum, we expect our portfolio companies to comply with the laws of Canada and international standards, including meeting – or exceeding – environmental regulations.

For the ways in which bcIMC pursues high standards of corporate governance and social and environmental responsibility, click here.




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