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bcIMC's investment philosophy and approach are based on the following principles and beliefs:

  • Asset allocation is the primary determinant of risk and return. Asset allocation strategies should be customized to reflect the purpose of each fund, its investment time horizon, legal constraints, liquidity requirements, and the risk tolerance of the governing fiduciaries.
  • bcIMC exists to serve its clients. This not only means managing clients' assets in a prudent and appropriate fashion, but also helping trustees and other fiduciaries understand the implications of key decisions made on behalf of their fund.
  • Managing risks is as important as generating rates of return. This is accomplished through prudent investment diversification, a disciplined approach to asset management, and extensive due diligence of investment opportunities.
  • Investment strategies and approaches must be continuously reviewed and adjusted to reflect changing market conditions and dynamics.
  • Good investment performance results from maintaining a high level of professional expertise among bcIMC's staff and external fund managers.
  • Controlling costs is important for long-term rates of return.

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